Ess Product Ordering FAQs

Ordering FAQs

How can I order product?

You can order directly from Bio-Ess Laboratories by visiting our website: or calling us at 844-ESS-PROD (377-7763).  Or you can order via Fisher Scientific by visiting for Cell-Ess products or for Clin-Ess products. Additionally, you can order via VWR by calling 1 (800) 932-5000 and requesting Ess products.  Note:  VWR does not include Ess products in their catalog.  You must call them to request product.

How does the product ship?

Product is shipped 2-day on ice.  Overnight shipment can be specified for US orders for an additional charge.  Due to the refrigerated nature of the product, Essential does not ship product to arrive on weekends or holidays.  If an order is placed 2 business days before a weekend or holiday, the shipment will be delayed until the next appropriate business day.

Can I use my own shipping account?

At this time, we cannot accommodate customer shipping accounts.  Our distribution service has negotiated competitive rates with transportation companies to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

How will I know when my shipment is expected to arrive?

If you ordered directly from Bio-Ess Laboratories, you will receive an automated email with your tracking information.  If you did not order directly from Bio-Ess Laboratories, please contact Bio-Ess at to request tracking information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards at the time of the order or can provide an invoice for payment after the time of order.  Invoices are to be paid 30 days after receipt.  If you would prefer to be invoiced, you must first fill out a credit application and be approved.  Please email to be sent a credit application.  For orders outside of the US, the order is required to be paid upfront before shipment and must be paid via credit card or wire transfer.  Bio-Ess Laboratories can provide a pro forma invoice for upfront payments upon request.

We are tax exempt. How do we update our account accordingly?

A valid tax exemption certificate must be provided.  A Bio-Ess Laboratories employee will update your account to reflect your tax-exempt status.  Please email a valid tax exemption certificate to to request that your account is updated.

How do I pay with a purchase order (PO)?

If you prefer to use PO as payment method, you must first fill out a credit application.  Please email to be sent a credit application.  Once you are approved, Customer Service will update your account to allow for PO payment, and you will then have the option to pay by PO on the Checkout page.