Cell-Ess Universal Titer Boost

Cell-Ess® added to any CHO media in large scale bioproduction, boosts protein yield >25%, increases cell productivity and maintains consistent glycosylation profiles.


For large scale bioproduction of therapeutic proteins in CHO cells, use Cell-Ess® as a supplement to optimized cells and media and see a total yield boost of >25%, higher cell productivity and viability during the run, faster run cycles, and consistent glycosylation patterns. The supplement is manufactured under cGMP and a device master file is available.

Cell-Ess offers to those conducting basic researcher the advantage of superior performance, convenience, and control compared to using serum in cell culture media. Use in place of FBS or any other type of serum, and supplement with relevant plating substrates, growth factors or hormones as required.

Cell-Ess is a 100% synthetic, chemically defined medium with low lot-to-lot variation and animal component free.